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How important is nutrition postpartum?

The mentality of society today is that mama should “bounce back”, and often times with that, nutritional needs are not met. This could be due to many factors such as returning to work soon after birth, not having enough support at home or the ability to prepare foods, or perhaps unable to drive while recovering from delivery. In traditional cultures it is quite the opposite, the focus is on helping mama rest, recover, and heal from childbirth with additional support for the first couple of months. Now, I am not sure who put the pressure on women to get back to “normal” or if it is just our perception that we need to, regardless, it adds a layer of stress to the already tired mama. Most don’t know that nutrient requirements are actually higher during early postpartum than they were during pregnancy and it is very common to accidentally under eat during this phase. Have you every heard women talk about leaving the hospital in their pre pregnancy jeans - I certainly did, and to be quite transparent, this was 100% a goal of mine. Now, being able to reflect on my own journey, I can see I did not go about my postpartum health in the best manner, and I am committed to helping other mamas receive the best support they can, to feel their best, and to replenish their nutrients stores, heal, and recover. 


Working together we discuss foods to enhance postpartum recovery and also nutrients that affect the concentration in breastmilk, including B vitamins, vitamins A, D, K, choline, fatty acids, and certain trace minerals. 

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