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I’m Kristen Bricko and work 1:1 with clients to meet health, nutrition, and lactation goals; through affirmation, positive connection, and evidence based guidance I help my clients meet their full nutrition and wellbeing potential!

My passion lies within motherhood. I have 10 years of nutrition counseling experience, with 5 of those years focusing on mamas and lactation. This is such a beautiful season of life, and one that warrants many changes. Helping to make nutrition, lifestyle and habit changes, as well as supporting breastfeeding is where I focus my education, training, and energy! You deserve to take care of yourself; I am here to help guide you along the way, through nutrition and breastfeeding education, accountability, and positive support! 


About Me

I’m Kristen Bricko, mama of two beautiful children, wife of 10 years, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I work with mamas and mamas-to-be on nutrition, health, and lifestyle change before, during, and after pregnancy to feel their best, confident, and supported during this beautiful season of life. Through nutrition counseling and lactation support, I promote a real life approach, backed by science and personal experience. I enjoy working with mamas to meet her (and baby's) health goals and reach full nutrition potential. Having the right tools and support can make all the difference entering into motherhood, so whether you're seeking guidance with nutrition, lactation, or both, you have landed in the right place!

Kristen Bricko

My love of maternal health and lactation began when I became pregnant with our first child. Being a registered dietitian, I was fascinated with nutrition during pregnancy and how to ensure I was doing everything I could possibly, to have the outcome all mamas desire; a healthy baby. I immersed myself in “all the things” pregnancy and nutrition, what prenatal to take, what nutrients were most important, preparing to breastfeed, and to be honest it was a bit overwhelming! My number one goal is to help put mamas at ease with their nutrition and feeding goals, we focus on real and practical nutrition, healthy relationship with food, and sustainable habit changes that will last a lifetime!


The greatest gift you can give to your little one, is a healthier you!


College of Saint Benedict, Nutrition and Dietetics 2013

Iowa State University, Dietetic Internship 2014

Registered Dietitian Boards, 2014

Weight Management/Lifestyle Health 

Public Health, WIC 

Certified Lactation Specialist, 2018

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, 2022

Trainings: Functional Nutrition, Baby Led Weaning, Prenatal Nutrition

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