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I am so nauseous, is there anything I can do to help?

Morning sickness, or really “all-day sickness”, can be so miserable for the expecting mama. It is common for most women to experience nausea, or even vomiting during the first trimester (some women endure this their whole pregnancy!). It is hard to think of how you can best nourish yourself, when all you can think about is not throwing up. Luckily, there are some suggestions that can help subside these symptoms, however, I like to make known, there is no cure for nausea during pregnancy. With that said, here are some ways to help minimize your discomforts and help you to still get the nutrients both you and your baby need! 


Keeping a small snack at your bedside. Before getting out of bed, take a small bite, and then move slowly when getting up. 

Try smaller more frequent meals; often too large of a meal can be a trigger. 

It is common to gravitate toward more carbohydrate foods during this time, and typically the type reached for are refined - crackers, pretzels, bagels, etc. If able, opt for nutrient dense, less processed carbohydrates, and pair with a protein or fat. This will help minimize blood sugar spikes, another culprit for nausea. 

Slow down when eating, and be mindful. 

Try cooler foods versus hot foods. Typically, there will be less odors to set off your nausea. 

Supplementing with ginger, vitamin B6, and/magnesium could help. 

If losing a lot of fluids, make sure to replenish, but again, drink slowly vs gulping. 



Think about and identify, what triggers your symptoms? For me, it was any type of unpleasant odor, and somedays, just breathing (it was bad!). I just kept telling myself, this is (should be) short term, and having a healthy pre-pregnancy diet, I knew I built up my nutrient stores that my baby was still being nourished. Hang in there, mama - it gets easier. 

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